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Live Verge (XVG) Price Chart & Overview

Choose The Best XVG Wallets For Your Needs

It is always best to have multiple types of XVG wallets available for use. Different types of XVG wallets offer different types of pros and cons. See the review page of each XVG wallet to see the wallets pros and cons in detail.

How Is The Price Of XVG Increasing So Rapidly?

Many people have been asking us why XVG prices are going so high. Here are some reasons why XVG prices have been raising. XVG is a legitimate way of privately using cryptocurrency.

Verge is a new cryptocurrency. When cryptocurrencies are new they start off at a low price regardless of how amazing they are. The coin must first be used and prove its value. After the coin has proven its worth, people must continue to use it in order for it to hold its value or increase in value. Due to the fact that XVG is a new coin it has started at a very low cost. 

Verge coin has shown how valueable it truly is, therefore more and more poeple are showing an increased interest.

In addition, a Tweet left by John McAfee has had a major effect on providing publicity for the cryptocurrency. McAfee mentions his belief on the value of the coin. His Tweet stated that a majority of his holdings are in XVG. McAfee also went on by saying that he’s never lost an investment in his life!

Another main factor of cryptocurrency price includes the amount of exchanges the coin is a part of. This increases value of the coin due to the fact that it can be traded in more places for more things. Check out a list of XVG exchanges and start trading today!