The best way to buy XVG online.

In order to buy Verge(XVG)  you must buy Bitcoin(BTC) and exchange the BTC for XVG.

  • If you don’t already have any Bitcoin, you must first purchase Bitcoin online from a direct reseller.
  • Next, you must trade the Bitcoin for XVG on a cryptocurrency exchange such as Bittrex.

When purchasing Bitcoin, some resellers such as CoinMama allow you to directly send the Bitcoin to the wallet on your exchange. Other resellers such as CoinBase will deposit the Bitcoin into your wallet connected on their website and your must pay an additional fee to send the coins to another wallet.

XVG Price In USD

XVG Price in BTC

Do Research On XVG Wallets & Exchanges Before Using Them

It is always important to do research on any of the XVG Wallets & XVG exchanges you plan on using.